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starting over, mia malone

Starting Over (Cascadia #2) by Mia Malone – Free eBooks Download


“We don’t need any overaged groupies in here, so you should probably get the f*ck out immediately.”
Rosie looks at the tall man with eyes the color of sweet chocolate and swallows both tears and anger. He’s Tony Ryan, President of Cascadia MC, and she immediately labels him Tony-the-jerk.

“The size of their gen!tals is of course a sensitive topic, especially when there are younger and apparently much more well-endowed men available.”
Tony stares at the woman in front of him. She’s curvy and gorgeous, and he might have behaved a little bit like an a$$, but did she really just share with him and an embarrassingly large group of people that she thinks he’s old and has a small dick?

Rosie is single and not looking for a man, but wants to find new friends, which isn’t as easy as one could think at the age of fifty-something. Then she gets invited to a book club hosted by some of the women linked to Cascadia.
Tony has his hands full dealing with club business and the annoying presence of the former Cascadia President who is released on parole. He should stay focused on that, but all he can think about is how he really, really wants his hands to be full of something completely different.

Being lonely sucks, and Rosie is happy to finally feel like she fits in. Being steamrolled into all kinds of activities with Tony-the-jerk was not in her plans, but he isn’t the kind of man one says no to. Or, that’s what she tells herself anyway.
Then their respective families create problems neither of them anticipated, and they have to decide who to trust, who to forgive, and how to forget.

Please note: This book contains crude words and somewhat explicit adult scenes. If this isn’t your thing, then this book might not be for you.

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