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Stars in Our Eyes by Marion Myles – Free eBooks Download


I’m home visiting my parents for the first time in years and I don’t want to be here.
Not that I don’t love them because I surely do. They’re great.
But I hate being away from work since it’s the only thing in my life that actually matters.
Not to mention, this town holds some seriously bad memories.
Then I meet this girl and suddenly I’m not so sorry to be home.
She’s sexy and smart and I want her like I’ve never wanted anyone. As in ever.
So I figure what’s the harm in having a little fun.
I’m only here for a couple of weeks anyway.
It’s not like it’ll turn into anything serious.

No matter how fabulous your life is—and trust me, mine is fabulous on steroids—sometimes a girl needs to get away and catch her breath.
Which explains why I’m hiding out in a small town and enjoying a great big slice of normal.
When you’re a world-famous pop star normal is hard to come by.
I’m blending in like a boss, having the best time…and then I meet this guy.
Theo is as hot as they come, funny, and he works for Doctors Without Borders.
As in he’s literally out in the world saving lives. Seriously, he may be the perfect man.
The sparks fly between us fast and furious and now I have a decision to make…
Stay hidden, and safe, or throw caution to the wind and grab onto Theo with both hands.
A no-strings-attached, sexy summer fling can’t hurt, right?
I mean he doesn’t even know my real name.

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