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Stars in Halo (The Sable Riders #5) by Sky Gold – Free eBooks Download


She’s alluring, sensual, elegant and worldly.
A notorious and skilled card shark.
With a charming façade.
With a secret identity and hidden life.
She steals art, jewels and hearts.
All for a good cause, of course.
When one man refuses to let her get away with a major heist, the game is on.
He chases after her stolen haul that could destroy planets.
She hides, and he seeks.
Until she catches him.
In her alluring hold.
She realises they’re playing a high-stakes game …
Making her heart ache.
So, she battles her feelings.
Only to keep falling into his sensual grip.
Under a sky of diamond nights and ruby lights.

He’s an enigmatic ‘playboy’.
A smooth operator who rocks serious alpha brute energy.
He’s not so keen on commitment.
While he yearns for the love his fellow Riders have found,
He has no time for sentiment.
Until he meets an unapologetic beauty.
A professional in the art of the double cross.
As a Guardian overseeing Eden II’s security.
He gets caught up in wanting to protect her …
Battling desire, yet needing to uncover her crimes.
He’s never worked so hard to resist a woman.
Neither has he strived so much to pleasure her.
He tries to stay on his game.
While she keeps playing him.
They chase, snark, and sass to an unexpected attraction.
He finds that while he’s loved women all across Pegasi.
Heaven help him when he falls for her.

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