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standing toe to toe, weston parker

Standing Toe to Toe by Weston Parker – Free eBooks Download


She’s the devil.
I mean it, and I would know, because I’ve worked with Kathryn Rouche for almost a decade.
In those ten years I’ve seen her for what she is: a cut-throat, take no prisoners, have no mercy business woman whose goal is to take what is rightfully mine.
We’re both vying to make Partner at our agency but only one of us will come out on top.
After being forced to work together on an ad campaign, I’m appalled to learn that Kathryn doesn’t do Christmas, whatever that means.
She’s never partaken in any of the holiday festivities the beautiful city of Vancouver has to offer.
So I strike up a plan.
If I can give her a bit of holiday spirit I might just be able to soften her edge and make her a less threatening adversary.
All is fair in love and war… and business. Right?
I never expected that she would be the reason my Christmas season felt so special this year.
The mistletoe, snow, and Christmas carols pull us together while logic and common sense keep us apart—until it doesn’t.
The catch is we’re still competitors, and we still want the same job regardless of how we feel about each other.
Do I be nice and give her the win and bow out?
Or, do I be naughty, dig in my heels, and fight to the bitter end no matter the cost?
If there are such a thing as Christmas miracles now would be the time to pull one out of my hat.

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