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Standing Ovation by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


An actor struggling for recognition, and a bartender trying to find his true calling…
Adam Weir is looking for his big break, desperately looking. He’s been doing community theatre since college, and a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream could be the perfect way to make the big splash he’s always dreamed of. A leading role could spell his way out of his barista schedule and into the spotlight. The only thing standing in his way? An accidental actor with his eye on the same role.

Bartending was a way of making a living, but even if acting didn’t seem to like him, Shane Lear was willing to give it everything he had. When he lands a coveted spot in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it seems like the stars are finally aligning in his favor…but when it seems like everything is going wrong and the production is in jeopardy, could quitting be the best way to fix whatever is broken? Amid catastrophic accidents and misread lines, tension is building between the two actors that can’t be explained away as simple rivalry. Can Adam leave his jealousy and bitterness on the stage, or are his feelings for Shane something more?

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