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stamos, kathleen ball

Stamos (Sweet Lasso Springs #2) by Kathleen Ball – Free eBooks Download


Joy is finally eligible for a work release program. At the age of 14 she was tried as an adult and has spent many years in prison. Working in the fresh air with horses is amazing but Joy knows nothing good ever lasts.
Stamos runs the work release program for non-violent men. When Joy knocks on his door he mistakes her for the new nanny, hands her his son and hurries to the barn only to later find out Joy is a violent convict. Trying to return her, Stamos finds out how slow the system can be. He decides she will not be around his baby but will work with the horses under his supervision. He’s surprised to find Joy has a gentle nature about her.
The more he gets to know her, the more convinced he is that she’s innocent. His son calls her mama and she’s one of the best horse wranglers he’s ever seen. Her crime and sentence make no sense at all. In fact, he’s sure she was set up. Instead of sending her back, he asks her to stay. To keep her from going back he marries her.
In his search for her innocence all kinds of unsavory people come to the ranch to threaten Joy. Stamos is right there to protect her.
Through it all, they realize they have a connection between them that is rare but Stamos has sworn off women and Joy has no more trust to give.
Can the love of a child be the key to opening their hearts enough to believe in a future for them?
Visit the small town of Sweet Lasso Springs where astonishing things happen to restore a person’s heart, soul and faith.

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