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Stalking His Mate (Monster Gentleman’s Club #4) by Poppy Aster – Free eBooks Download


Everyday a handsome stranger comes into the diner I work at and orders a bacon cheeseburger and a date. No matter how many times I tell him that I’m not interested he won’t take no for an answer. It’s almost like he knows that I’m lying. I’m more than interested, but I’m too scared to act on it. Afraid that I’ll end up broken hearted once again.
I’m desperate to get myself and my daughter away from my controlling ex-husband, but am I willing to auction myself? For enough money to buy my freedom and the promise I won’t remember the night, I just might.

The Fates work in mysterious ways. A random craving for an old-fashioned bacon burger has me coming face to face with my fated mate. All my attempts to get to know her are rejected so I’m left with only one other option. Stalking my mate.
I plant the suggestion to sign up for the next Monster Gentlemen’s Club auction so she’ll be mine for the night. It’s supposed to be a night she’ll forget, but I already know that one night with her won’t be enough. Am I strong enough to go against the entire faction to keep her?

Stalking His Mate is a stand alone story within my Monster Gentlemen’s Club series.
Please consider your triggers.

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