Stalked By the Trucker by Emma Bray (ePUB)

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Stalked by the Trucker (Stalking A–Z) by Emma Bray – Free eBooks Download


Life on the road is all I know. I’ve got years of highways under my belt, but nothing could have prepared me for London. Eighteen and innocent with a shock of pink hair that stands out like a beacon against the endless miles of asphalt, one look at her turns my world upside down.
She’s young. Too young for a burly old trucker like me, but she’s running from something, and it stokes every protective instinct inside me.
From the moment she climbs into my cab, I know I’ll do anything to protect her. Every glance, every whispered secret, every mile we cover together makes my obsession with her grow stronger. She’s a mystery wrapped in a whirlwind of rebellion and vulnerability, and no matter what secrets her past holds, nothing can turn me away. I don’t even care about our age gap. As long as she’s with me, she’s safe. I’m her guardian, her rock, and her protector.
I’ll be whatever she needs me to be—even if that means being her daddy.

Obsessive, possessive and over the top, these men will do anything to get the women they love. But their love is all-consuming and knows no boundaries—so much so that they become stalkers.

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