Stalked By the Orc by Sandra R Neeley (ePUB)

stalked orc, sandra r neeley

Stalked by the Orc (Orcs of Clan Cumhdach #2) by Sandra R Neeley – Free eBooks Download


Inherit a primeval cottage and hidden magic that once belonged to your Irish ancestors. Unwittingly attract the attentions of a legendary creature who shouldn’t exist. Assume you’re being stalked and defend yourself, causing both of you to be flung back in time! Then desperately pray the magic hidden in your lineage can repair the damage done and return your Orc to your side.

Upon her mother’s passing, Violet finds herself all alone. She stumbles on an old, well-read letter from a man who seems to think he’s her father. Since she was always made to believe her mother didn’t know who her father was, the letter is a shock. But the temptation of a connection to someone, to anyone, is too great to resist. On a quest to find and hopefully meet her father, she uncovers a whole host of family she didn’t know existed. But they know of her. In fact, they behave as though they’ve been waiting for her all along. With nothing to hold her back, she takes a leap of faith and flies halfway around the world to meet them. She’s decided to make a fresh start in Ireland, a place founded in the stuff fantasies are made of. She feels she’s finally home. She’s where she belongs. She couldn’t be happier. If only she could manage to scare off the brutish stalker who seems to have attached himself to her.

Cahl Onar is just about all that’s left of the legendary Clan of Cumhdach. He is the last of a line of an ancient species, creatures who should not exist in the modern world. He is Orc. He takes great pride in carrying out the traditions of his ancestors, living his life through the values the clan lived by. He watches over those within his territory, gifting them food and protection, helping them to thrive, and doing it all from the shadows without them ever knowing whence and from whom the assistance came. That’s the way of it, taught to him by the elders of the clan long, long ago. He spends his days in this time, the next, or the last, surreptitiously keeping watch over his charges through the ancient Fae portal he uses to move between the ages. Routine is broken up rarely, until he reaches a time far into the future and finds a female unlike any he’s ever seen. A female that calls to him on a level he never knew existed. A female he can’t help but get closer to than he should. A female who believes she’s being stalked and has decided to fight back, much to his chagrin!

This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plot, places, circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination. All are human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not read this book.

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