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stalk, tana stone

Stalk (The Sky Clan of the Taori #2) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


The Taori warrior is mad with mating fever—and he’s decided I’m his.
I almost escaped from the alien’s twisted hunting moon. Until the Taori warrior snatched me away, convinced that he was saving me from a menacing swarm that only appears in his dark and tortured memories. Now I’m stuck with him on the deadly moon that’s crawling with mercenaries who have one goal–to kill us.
If I want to stay alive, I need to stay in the Taori’s underground lair, which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t burning with mating fever and eyeing me like I’m a tasty snack. The longer he fights it, the more manic he’ll get until he might be as dangerous to me as the hunters prowling the surface.
Do I give in to the battle-scarred alien’s dominant and possessive desires, or do I take my chances with the alien hunters who wish to hunt me for sport?

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