Stained Charades by Livy North (ePUB)

stained charades, livy north

Stained Charades (Sinners of St. Crow #3) by Livy North – Free eBooks Download


This lie of ours is stained with truth.

To them, I’ve always been the charming, least conniving Sinclair.
I’ve never been more than a dancing doll with strings.
But that all changes when my childhood friend, Eleonora O’Malley, asks me to be a part of her grand scheme. She needs a fiancé—a fake one. And she wants it to be me. For reasons of my own, I take on the role of her doting future-husband. At first, it’s easy—like putting on a mask for the public. But the mask gets harder and harder to take off, and stolen touches and kisses when no one is watching are blurring the lines.
After tens of fake pictures, fake dates, a two-carat ring and an elaborate love story, the scheme is big enough to blow up in everybody’s faces
But guess what? It’s blowing up in mine too.
And soon, our charade is about to get stained with blood.

Note: This book is the first in a duet and ends on a cliffhanger. While it is reccomended, you do not have to read prior books in the series to understand this one.

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