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Staccato (Magnum Opus #2) by E.M. Lindsey – Free eBooks Download


“Two men from two different worlds, with hearts aligned in a staccato beat.”

Blind from childhood, Yanik experiences life though taste, touch, feel, sound. And his passion for music was the heart of all of those things, leaving room for nothing else. But his dreams of making it in the classical world didn’t last after his brother calls him home to take care of their dying father.
It’s easy for Nik to resign himself to watching his career crumble—now relegated to an elementary school music teacher where the parents see blind musicians as side-show acts. He can even resign himself to being alone the rest of his life, because he’s long-since accepted he’s an impossible man to love.

But he’s not sure he can live with the sudden rush of desire that crashes through him the moment he meets Adam—a bright spark in his sea of turmoil.
Adam is the sort of man Nik has never allowed himself to want—a guitarist in a punk band working at the local tattoo shop, with no real direction in life. And it doesn’t take long for Adam to get under his skin.
But just as Nik is finally is starting to feel settled, one of his idols shows up at his door and offers him the chance to leave everything behind and work with one of the most prestigious composers in Rome—Nicolas Michaud.

With the most talented modern composers at his disposal, Nik will be able to compose his Magnum Opus for the world to hear. But will it mean anything at all without Adam by his side?

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