St. Lucia Escapades by Michelle Kee (ePUB)

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St. Lucia Escapades
She was just looking for a relaxing break.
Moria Donovan has just finished her latest book and as a treat is sent to the beautiful island of St. Lucia for a much needed vacation. What she wasn’t expecting to find was the handsome New York bar owner. Feeling an instant connection, she throws caution to the wind and takes a chance getting to know him.
Yet the more she gets to know Cord, the more she feels herself falling for the man. But this is just a holiday fling right? There’s no way that they could make a go of this. She lives in D.C. and he lives in New York.

He just wanted to get away from it all.

Cord O’Brien was having a hell of a week. When the spoiled college son of a prominent New York City Councilman, decides to pull a Coyote Ugly move on one of the tables and sets off the sprinklers, Cord is ready to yank his hair out.
Cord’s brother and partner sends him off to St. Lucia while the bar is being renovated. Cord sees a beautiful red headed woman standing in line at a restaurant and feels drawn to her. As they get to know one another, Cord wants more than just the three weeks on the island. Yet how to convince her of that.
Vacation is over now reality sets in.
Cord and Moria decide to give what was started on St. Lucia a genuine go despite the multiple reasons it shouldn’t work. Moria knows she’s falling hard and fast for the North Carolina native, turned New York bar owner. It both scares and thrills her.

Cord knows that Moira is the one. Yet when a woman from his past shows up it threatens to destroy everything that he and Moira have built. Can he convince her that they belong together? Will she let him?

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