SSS: Year Six by Avery Song (ePUB)

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SSS: Year Six (The Supernatural Spy Academy #6) by Avery Song – Free eBooks Download


When being different leads to the best years of your life.
Nothing lasts forever. Especially happiness…

After five solid years of spy school, Silver Spell Solange can finally celebrate summer like a normal student, enjoying a proposal she would never refuse, a two-week vacation with her family, and the newfound abilities of her adorable familiar.
But all too soon, her peaceful future is threatened.

The Dark Kingdom is desperate, and it’s clear their silence is ominous…and an opportunity. Silver itches to take advantage of the chance to face them once and for all, but S.S.S. Sky Division has other plans for her.

Given the awakening ceremony, classes taught by a powerful god from another universe, and Uzziah’s health concerns, Silver has her hands full. Plus, a new question looms: What if this new professor is a key component to the prophecy?

With missions being thrown at her left and right, and a new enemy on the horizon, Silver must pull out the cards and predict the future unfolding around her before it’s all too late.
Let the darkness test our bonds, for we shall rise above it all and conqueror as supernatural spies. Year Six, be ready for Team 999.

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