Spring Leaves by AJ Llewellyn (ePUB)

spring leaves, aj llewellyn

Spring Leaves (Orgasmic Texas Dawn #8) by AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly – Free eBooks Download


Spring comes early to the US Marshals team in Dallas, but as the scent of promise ignites some relationships, others are destined to die.
Spring is in the air in Lone Trail, but murder is in the heart of one man… or more. A missing mother long feared dead, is allegedly buried near Old Westmoreland Mockingbird Bridge made famous by Bonnie and Clyde, two of Dallas’s most notorious outlaws. Jubilee, Nicholas and Sean join forces with the Texas Rangers and the FBI to find her remains. But all is not as it seems.
Jubilee, already struggling with custody issues and his husband, Kieran being on a mission for the Canadian Mounties, learns that he has been betrayed. Lone Trail is no longer home. The US Marshals have hurt him one time too many… some fallen leaves are best left where they are.

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