Spring Flowers and April Showers by Beth Rain (ePUB)

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Spring Flowers and April Showers (Little Bamton #2) by Beth Rain – Free eBooks Download


Emmy Martin is sick of working in a stuffy old florist shop that won’t let her do much other than recreate 1980s wedding nightmares. But when she’s unexpectedly cut free, she’s not as happy about it as she thought she’d be…
She was dumped a week ago…
She can’t cover her rent…
And she has absolutely nowhere to go!

That is, until her Aunt Ali announces she’s off on the trip of a lifetime to Australia and offers Emmy the use of Dragonfly Cottage in Little Bamton while she’s gone. The only provisos are that she has to feed pampered puss, Charlie, and tend Ali’s precious walled garden. What could possibly go wrong?
Jon Clark thought that doing up Ali’s cottage while she was away in Australia was going to be the easiest bit of money he’d ever earned – especially as Ali has given him the loan of her spare room. But Emmy’s appearance in Little Bamton throws a spanner in the works and sends him back to square one again…

He’s living in a leaking caravan…
He’s desperate to put down some roots, this little village is his turf…
And Emmy is going to drive him mad if he has to be around her every day!
All Emmy needs to do is figure out what she’s going to do with the rest of her life, and find a way to bloom. All Jon needs to do is learn how to grow some roots. Will they find a way to help each other, or will the surprises Little Bamton has in store for them nip any friendship in the bud?

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