Spooked By the Mountain Man by Poppy Parkes (ePUB)

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Spooked by the Mountain Man (I Put a Spell on You) by Poppy Parkes – Free eBooks Download


What happens when a city girl falls under the spell of a mountain man, much to both of their surprise?

Rex is no saint, and he’s got the ex-military background to prove it. His mountain is the only place his demons leave him be, so that’s where he stays, alone.
But when Willow accidentally ends up on his cabin doorstep while trying to find her way to the notorious Halloween party on the next mountain over, his resolve to keep to himself is threatened.
Because that party? Everyone knows it chews innocent women up and spits them out, broken. The locals stay well away.
Willow is no local, though, and Rex isn’t sure he can stand by one year longer while his rich mountain neighbor gives peak dwellers a bad name — and gives women bad dreams for years.
But will Rex’s past come back to haunt him if he gets involved? And even if he does step in, will it be enough to save Willow?

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