Spiteful Heart by Candace Wondrak (ePUB)

spiteful heart, candace wondrak

Spiteful Heart (Born to Die #2) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


It’s official. The city’s got a new serial killer, and the b*tch is taunting me.

He’s killing women, tearing them up, mutilating their faces, and leaving them for me. He knows what I do. He has to. He doesn’t hate me because I’m the Bloody Queen.
He hates me because I’m the Night Slayer, because I take out the men this world doesn’t need.
The thing is… I’m starting to suspect he’s one of us, someone who knows our inner workings. Me being a serial killer ain’t common knowledge, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s a spiteful heart. He’s killing girls to get back at me.
Sylvester, Maddox, and Viper are my rocks. My sexy mafia men who’d do anything to keep me safe, even if it means lying to me. But I’m no damsel in distress, and I don’t deal with liars. They better shape up if they want to stay on my good side.
I got a serial killer to catch, and I’m gonna do it whether I have their help or not.
One, two,
you better believe the Night Slayer’s coming for you.
Three, four,
by the time I’m done, you won’t be begging for more.

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