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I’m cursed, and I have no one to blame but myself.
My mama used to say I could con the pants off the Devil himself.
That was markedly untrue.
Years ago, as a young witch with a reckless streak, I summoned the King of Gluttony and tried to con the big bad.
It didn’t work, and instead of riches beyond my wildest dreams, I got a curse that makes every man that kisses me addicted beyond measure. Even a drop of my spit is enough.
Mr. Bub, King of Gluttony and overall AH, has me on a tight leash.
Just one more job, and he’ll lift my curse. (So he says)
The problem is… it’s never just one more job.
When the Steward of the Red City outside of Baton Rouge needs help, Beelzebub volunteers me for the job.
I’ve got one week to find two demons that have gone missing in the city, or it’s my neck on the chopping block.
I don’t think Mr. Bub will eat me if I fail, but I can’t be sure.
It’s such a shame that Legion and his merry band of cocky men seem to have their sights set on distracting me from my task.
I can’t let anyone get close. Not even beautiful, if not annoying, demons.
The second they taste me, they’ll become addicted.
The problem is:
No one ever wants me; they only want the curse.

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