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Spiked (A Sports Romance) by Harper James – Free eBooks Download


We were total opposites.

He was the university’s star quarterback, gorgeous, sexy, experienced, rich. Everyone knew his name.

I was a country girl, a waitress, a nineteen-year-old-freshman who was totally inexperienced.

When I met him, I couldn’t move, or speak, or even look away. All I could focus on were his eyes, and all I could think of were the rumors that swirled around campus: That Jacob Everett had nine inches and knew exactly how to use them.

There was something about the way he stared at me that told me he knew exactly how paralyzing his eyes were, and how much he enjoyed watching me squirm. I’d never had someone look at me like that— like they not only wanted, but planned to undress me.

I found myself thinking of Jacob in the middle of class. After class. At the library. And perhaps, worst of all, late at night, when I fought fantasies of him off for hours before finally giving in and touching myself to the thought of him on top of me.

So, yes, Jacob Everett was a problem.

But I never thought my fantasies about the most popular guy at Harton University could ever come true.

Until they did.

**Spiked is a standalone sports romance with a guaranteed HEA**

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