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sparked, lili valente

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Seven years ago, Sam and I were best friends and the goofiest computer nerds in New Jersey and, possibly, the world.

We also made a pact to meet up and get busy if one or both of us were still virgins by our twenty-fourth birthdays.
I assumed that was a silly pinky swear we’d both forgotten about until Sam shows up at my twenty-fourth birthday party, ready and willing to make good on our bargain.
Boy is he ready…
Gone is the lanky kid with glasses who made me snort-laugh when we played video games. In his place is a sex god with massive biceps, designer clothes, and a smolder that transforms women to quivering puddles of lust.
I’m out of my league with this new Sam.
But I’m also every bit as drawn to him as I used to be.
So, when he dares me to give him a chance to prove he’s still the same trusted kindred spirit I remember, I agree.
What do I have to lose, aside from my V Card?
Oh, right. My heart…

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