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Spades (The Suits #1) by Kyra Irene – Free eBooks Download


Better the devil you know than the devil in disguise . . .

Born into a Mafia family, Nina Romano has no choice but to respect her papa’s honor, even if that means marrying a man she doesn’t love. It’s a business transaction, but Nina knows how to drive a hard bargain. In exchange for two years of freedom, she’ll marry whoever her papa says without argument. It’s a deal with the devil, and freedom tastes sweet . . . until time’s up, and Nina’s suddenly consigned to a marriage from hell.
Giovanni Genovese is back in town for his cousin’s wedding, but little does anyone know, he arrived with a darker purpose: to figure out who killed his mother all those years ago. He’s stayed away from Nina for reasons he’ll admit to no one else, but now she’s his main distraction again, he needs to find a way to avenge her too. It’s a dangerous game, but Gio’s got some dark tricks up his sleeve. Just how many cards can he lay on the table before he’ll stake a claim on the woman he loves?

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