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The summer of 1979, finds seventeen-year-old Sunshine Gardner living a typical teenage life in the small Southern town of Layton, Alabama. She’s about to learn it’s anything BUT typical.

Her mother’s marriage a year before to the town’s Southern Baptist Minister, Avery Dawson, is starting to play havoc with Sunny’s life. She tries her best to stay out of Avery’s way, but he’s determined her soul needs saving, along with the rest of the congregation in this Bible Belt community.

Her mother shows no reluctance in allowing Avery to rule the roost with his ‘fire and brimstone’ methods, but Sunny isn’t about to drink the ‘spiritual Kool-Aid’ that Avery is serving up.

The whole town seems mesmerized by the powerful preacher, in particular, the women of his congregation. And it’s not long before Avery’s marital counseling draws some attention. When Sunny’s best friend, Gina Margolis, discovers that his methods are quite… unorthodox, the girls set out to expose this man of cloth for the fraud he appears to be.

This is just the beginning. When their covert activities uncover deeper, darker secrets, Sunny’s life suddenly becomes a turbulent battle between good and evil. She discovers her life has been filled with secrets and lies.

After Sunny and Gina’s plan goes awry, it’s Sunny who’s forced to leave Layton in shame, with no desire to ever return. Until she starts to unravel the truth… and the shock of it will leave the town of Layton reeling for years to come…

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