Soul Reckoning by Ken Sanchez (ePUB)

soul reckoning, ken sanchez

Soul Reckoning (Shadowguards #1.5) by Ken Sanchez – Free eBooks Download


Leo Rodriguez, a powerful necromancer with a dark past, works for the Human Investigation Bureau (HIB), maintaining the delicate balance between the living and the dead. But when his own necromancer coven summons him home, Leo is forced to confront his past and the unresolved conflicts that haunt him.
Dr. Finn Sloane, a compassionate healer with a hidden gift, is dedicated to protecting and helping others. So when Leo, a man shrouded in mystery, seeks his assistance, Finn is drawn to him despite the secrets he keeps.
As they delve deeper into the paranormal mysteries of their world, Leo and Finn are drawn together by a powerful force beyond their control. But their newfound love is tested when they uncover a malevolent entity threatening Leo’s coven and the entire city.
In a world where the line between life and death is blurred, Leo and Finn must rely on their love and unique abilities to face an unknown darkness that threatens to consume everything. Will their love be their salvation, or will they be consumed by the mysteries that lie ahead?

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