Sophie’s Song by Amanda Zook (ePUB)

sophie's song, amanda zook

Sophie’s Song (Nighthawk Search and Rescue #6) by Amanda Zook – Free eBooks Download


She’s running from a hellish past.
He’s running from the mistakes in his past.
Can they find a future together?

Desperate to escape years of abuse, Sophie finds the courage to run with a secret that could either protect her or blow up in her face. After a series of mistakes, she rolls into Lake Haven with fifty dollars left to her name. Homeless, jobless, and hungry, the flat tire was the last straw, until the man with eyes that imbue a comfort she hadn’t felt in recent memory stops to help her. His kindness, as well as his job lead, gives her the hope she needs. She can finally start living the life her parents always wanted for her.
Finding a mutual love of music with him, her walls crumble. He gives her the kind of love people write songs about. In her darkest days, she never imagined she could live such a good life, full of laughter, love, and music. Evan and the extended Nighthawk family gave her voice back to her, but her fear of losing it all once again threatens to consume her.
Desperate to escape the mistakes he made as a Chicago police detective that cost his sister her life, Evan throws himself into his new job as a Nighthawk. He wallows privately in guilt and grief until he stops to help a stranded pedestrian and meets a woman with the most haunting eyes he’s ever seen. She has secrets he’s determined to learn, but he will have to reveal his own shameful secrets to be worthy of her trust.
Since losing his sister, music was his way out. It soothed his mind and soul, healing his heart. Yet he still wasn’t whole. Not until Sophie. She makes him feel as good, if not better, than music does. Sophie’s song touched his soul, and his heart would always beat the rhythm of hers.
When she disappears from right under his nose, Evan will use every resource at his disposal to find her a make sure the monsters who tormented her for so long receive their final reckoning.

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