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Songs to Break Up To (Road Kings #6) by Julie Kriss – Free eBooks Download


When a pop star meets a rock princess, all bets are off.
Juliet Barstow has a problem—actually, she has a list. She’s never been taken seriously as a bass player despite years in the business. Every ex-boyfriend she’s ever had has been trash. And her uptight mom and goody-two-shoes sister have never approved of her rock ’n’ roll career.
But her biggest problem is Finn Wiley. He’s a former teen idol whose career fizzled a decade ago, when he vanished from the public eye. Finn’s brother is marrying Juliet’s sister, and not only is Juliet being dragged to the wedding—she is expected to be the maid of honor, alongside Finn as the best man.
It’s going to be a disaster.
Finn is rich, spoiled, and perfect. Also, it isn’t fair that grown-up Finn is very, very fine. But as Juliet and Finn spend time together, they have more in common than they thought they did. Things like old scars, hard heartbreaks, and good music.
Their lives are nothing alike. Their music is nothing alike. So why does this feel like the best song ever written?

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