Songs of the Hunted by K. Fournier (ePUB)

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Songs of the Hunted (Realms of Glass and Blood #1) by K. Fournier – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, a king hunted a queen …

It is year 749 of the House of Bloodhurst reign on Atlas, and King Misael Bloodhurst’s thirst for sea women is a well-known threat across the realm, but Anthia, queen of her seas, is sure that she’s clever and protected enough to stay out of his grasp and eye.
Not likely and capturing the mermaid queen changed everything. For them all.
Many years later, a new princess of the Blu throne, a someday queen, is coming of age, as are some of her sisters. Sheltered until adulthood, their most dangerous years are upon them and the choices they are about to make will change the rules of everything. Having never walked the lands of Atlas before, those days will soon change, and neither path will be easy.
When a prince of the land hunts the next princess of the seas, nothing will ever be the same again.
These are the songs of the hunted.
Hear them.
Heed them.
War is coming.

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