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something wicked, melanie gilbert

Something Wicked (The Diner) by Melanie Gilbert – Free eBooks Download


A missing child. A determined hellhound on the hunt. A broken reaper intent on changing her fate.

Being a supernatural reaper is the last thing Haven Morris has ever wanted for her life. Finding love and living a normal life are all she wants, and she has one of those in hand. But reaping the soul of the person closest to her sends Haven into a tailspin that only one person can pull her out of: the one man she now hates.
Kieran, a hellhound from the In-Between, lives his life guarding The Deep. When monsters escape The Deep into the real world with a hellhound pup, Kieran takes off after them. Things look bleak until Kieran runs into a beautiful reaper who turns out to be his fated mate.
Meeting Kieran gives Haven hope again, the hope of never having to reap another soul because no souls can be reaped in the In-Between. But Kieran’s home isn’t as reaper-friendly as she’s led to believe. If Haven and Kieran can’t stop the growing evil, will they ever find a safe place for Haven so they can, in turn, find love?

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