Someday Never Came by Autumn Lawrence-Barnette (ePUB)

someday never came, autumn lawrence-barnette

Someday Never Came by Autumn Lawrence-Barnette – Free eBooks Download


It only took one text.
One nickname flashing across my screen to drag me back into his tangled web.
That one text sent me back to my hometown.
A town full of heartache, secrets, and abandonment.
Straight into the arms of the man I’ve always known was meant to be mine.
Our story wasn’t over…
The man who was standing in front of me now was a far cry from the boy I once knew.
That boy who disappeared in the dead of night a decade earlier, leaving me with nothing but vague whispers of basic training, concerns of war, and the gut-wrenching feeling of betrayal.
I had always believed in fate.
Believed in what most would call a twin flame; soul tied…
Any word that explained loving someone so intensely that nothing could ever break that connection to them.
Jensen was all those things and more.
I’d be damned if I missed our one last chance for someday.
Even if all the promises falling from his lips might be from a soulmate who was never meant to be.

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