Soldier’s Embrace by Shanae Johnson (ePUB)

soldier's embrace, shanae johnson

Soldier’s Embrace (Honor Valley Romances #4) by Shanae Johnson – Free eBooks Download


With an uneven stride, can he waltz his way into her heart?
With his injured leg, Zack Thorn is assigned to a desk job that puts him in charge of base events. Feeling sidelined due to his injury, his life takes a vibrant turn when he crosses paths with Lily Bennett, a talented dancer teaching classes on the base. As the new events coordinator, it’s Zack who’ll determine if she can permanently have the space on the base to hold her dance classes. But it’s his heart that demands he twirl this amazing woman in his arms.

Lily Bennett is on a mission. With her heart set on a permanent place for her dance classes on the base, she’s determined to use her upcoming recital to prove her worth. But when her fiery spirit catches the eye of the enigmatic Zack, she finds herself in a whirlwind of emotion that goes beyond the dance floor. She’ll have to waltz past nosey dance moms and a temperamental dance partner, before she can decide if Zack should have a place on her dance card.

When their personal and professional lives get entangled in an intricate dance, Lily and Zack find themselves at a crossroads. Can Zack embrace his vulnerability and change his rhythm to match Lily’s? Will Lily trust Zack’s intentions and let him take the lead?

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