Sold to the Fae King by Lyra Atlas (ePUB)

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Sold to the Fae King (Kings of the Fae Islands #2) by Lyra Atlas – Free eBooks Download


I was gambled away and am now the property of the fae king.
But if he thinks that I will give myself to him willingly, he is sorely mistaken.
I will never allow this man to own me.
I just need to bide my time until I find a way to escape.
I know what men are like—they’re cruel creatures.
They grow bored quickly and trade their brides away without batting an eyelid.
It doesn’t matter that this fae king says that he’s different.
It doesn’t matter that he thinks he’s rescued me from a life of abuse.
Because I can separate fact from fiction.
Fact is, all he has done is take me from one cage and put me in another.
And yet, for all my resistance and trying to be rational, at heart I love fiction tales.
Tales that say a man can be different if you only let him …
Do I dare let the fae king own me?

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