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Sold Blood (Cartel Wars #3) by Ashlynn Mills – Free eBooks Download


The past has a way of always following you and whenever he’s involved, I never mind. Isaiah has called on me for help before, but the new favor he asks of me is one I never expected to receive. His beloved husband has been taken and he needs help tracking him down. One good quality I’ve always had was the ability to find people. I should say no and turn my head. Except the word no was never in my vocabulary when it came to the man I’ve been secretly in love with for the last ten years.
Once my job is completed, will I be able to walk away this time?
As much as I’ve been looking for an excuse to call on my old friend, this wasn’t it. My life has had its ups and down but I’m finally at the point where I thought I had everything. Or at least, I did until the other piece of my heart was taken away from me and every good thing in my life was threatened. There’s only ever been one other person besides Joey I could always trust, and he’s never completely left my mind or heart all the years later.
As much as I hate putting another person I care about in harm’s way, I know he’s my only hope.

One minute I’m safe in the arms of the man I love, and the next I wake up in the back of a dark van half naked. Out of all the things I feared in the past, being sold to the highest bidder wasn’t one of them but here I am and I won’t make it to any auction without a fight. I never was one to need rescuing, but Isaiah was never one to leave me fighting alone either.
The man he sends is nothing I’ve expected him to be. What starts off as pretending for the sake of surviving, turns into something else. I’m not sure I can let him go once this is all over.

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