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Softening Lyric (The Beautiful Dream #3) by Melony Ann – Free eBooks Download


I’m perfectly content with my life the way it is. I’m a Lieutenant with Gainesville Police Department. I’m a Commander with our SWAT team. My job is my life, and I like it that way. No chance my heart can get broken.

Everything is great. Until one day when my Captain drops Lyric Sharpe into my lap. She’s a new recruit with a serious attitude problem. Her Field Training Officer is out with an injury, so guess who gets stuck with her? Me. She’s a brat. She doesn’t take orders. She challenges me on every level, and I hate it because it appeals to every dominant bone in my body.

Lyric has a way of getting under my skin, and burrowing into the cockles of my cold heart. Before I know what she’s done to me, I’m wanting to spend all of my time with her. When the past she worked so hard to leave behind catches up to her, all of my protective instincts go into complete overdrive.

I’ll do anything to protect the woman I fell in love with, even though she thinks she can handle it all on her own. Neither of us are prepared for the lengths we’ll have to go through to keep Lyric from succumbing to the clutches of the dangerous and obsessive monster chasing her. But I’ll be damned if I won’t die trying.

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