Snubbing My Billionaire Boss by Piper James (ePUB)

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Snubbing My Billionaire Boss (Milestone Mischief #5) by Piper James – Free eBooks Download


Have you ever made a decision you thought was for the best, then you realized you were wrong? Like maybe it was the worst choice you’d ever made, and now you had to clean it up?

Yeah. That was what my life looked like less than a year after picking up and moving away from my hometown.
I’d lied. To everyone I loved. My family. My best friends.
My baby-daddy.
Yep. I, Felicia Stone, had run from my hometown of Milestone with my tail between my legs and a bun in the oven without telling a soul I’d gotten myself knocked up during a one night stand.
Now, I was back, trying to fix my mistakes.
I thought coping with a secret pregnancy far from home was hard, but I quickly realized resisting Marshall Parker was much harder.

When I found out what Felicia had been hiding from me, I panicked and said some things I regretted. But one look into my son’s blue eyes, and I was in love.
I made a lot of mistakes with her, but now that she was back in my life, I wanted to fix them all. She thought keeping our relationship strictly platonic and professional was the right choice, but I had other ideas.
I wanted her. And I was pretty sure that despite her fears, she secretly wanted me, too. Our one night together had been incredible until I went and messed it all up, and I wanted a do-over.
And I intended to get it.

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