Snowed In… With My Best Friend’s Dad by Seth King (ePUB)

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Snowed In… With My Best Friend’s Dad by Seth King – Free eBooks Download


It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m stuck in a cabin with my best friend’s dad.
Getting with him could wreck my life as I know it.
But he is also all I want in the world…

I’m on a ski trip with my best friend Benny’s family. After I fell and got lost on the mountain in a blizzard, Benny’s dad Hunter came to my rescue to helped me find an abandoned cabin near the summit.
Hunter Torres is hotter than July, and last year he sent shockwaves through my hometown when he “came out” as a gay man and divorced his wife. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to ignore my growing curiosity about him…
But the sudden proximity is making me realize just how badly I wanted him all along. And soon, I find myself tempted to cross a line I promised my BFF Benny I would never cross…

Logically, I know I can’t have Hunter. I mean, come on – I’m best friends with his son, and that’s just weird.
But technically…well, that’s a different story…
As the snow swirls outside and the fire burns from the fireplace, the truth hits me:
I am becoming infatuated with my best friend’s dad.
Oh, and did I mention that our cabin only has one bed?

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