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Snowed In (Laker Brothers, Loch Luan #1) by Tessa Darrac – Free eBooks Download


Loch Luan, Scottish Highlands, a place to heal your heart, mind and soul.

It was the strangest job interview I’d ever held. Firstly, the candidate was not what I was expecting at all – that would teach me to go by a verbal recommendation. Secondly, I never had any intention of taking her and my son on a rescue mission to Loch Luan in the Scottish Highlands, but here I was and to make it worse, we were then snowed in, two days right before Christmas! Also, sleeping with the candidate should never have happened. But I knew how to fix her wounds from her past. I wanted to make things better for her and, in so doing, could she be the one to save me when I didn’t even know I needed saving?

The job interview I should never have attended, let alone take up the challenge of going to the Scottish Highlands with my potential boss and his eight year old son. But my medical training meant I couldn’t refuse. I took my oath to preserve life very seriously. It was just a shame I didn’t double-down on my work ethics before I ended up in bed with Oliver Laker. He’s exposed all my scars and now he wants to fix me. I just don’t know if I can be fixed. Or want to be fixed. Can a man I’ve only just met really heal my past and save my future?

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