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Snowed In (Love Demands a Holiday #12) by McKenna Rogue – Free eBooks Download


When my car goes spinning on black ice and crashes it into a snowbank, all my well-planned ideas about Christmas with my brother’s family go out the window. Miles from any large city, I get the only tow truck available—right into the perfect snow globe-esque town of Jubilee Falls.
The tow truck operator’s not at all what I expect, though. Instead of a greasy, beer-bellied mechanic with too much scruff to be called a five-o’clock shadow, Logan Grey is curvy, sassy, and all woman.
Without a place to stay or a rental car to carry me on my way, I’m feeling a lot like Mary and Joseph. And the snow just keeps falling.
Logan offers to let me stay in the garage, but when the power goes out, the small apartment becomes refuge not just for me, but for us both.
She’s not at all what I planned on finding this Christmas season, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to unwrap her under my Christmas tree.

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