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snow white, alice callisto

Snow White (Ever After #1) by Jeanette Rose, Alice Callisto – Free eBooks Download


The Evil Queen in the Making…
From the time she was a child, Azura was consumed with the need to consolidate power. Unlike those born as Vessels for Elemental spirits, Azura is forced to practice Dark Magic, her powers fueled by the remains of supernatural creatures. But the remains are finite, the Mystical woods not replenishing in the speed she requires, in order to fuel the dark spells she needs, she will need to marry into a Royal Bloodline. A Royal bloodline which drips with Elemental Power, which produces not just one Vessel, but two. The crown of Lithelle is hers for the taking, finally about to become the evil queen she was born to be.

Her touch makes you shiver…
Born as the Vessel of the Ice Elemental, Snow White has always been kept apart from those around her. When her father announces he intends to invite all the eligible ladies and princesses from the surrounding kingdoms in the hopes of finding a new wife, Snow’s tender heart races with excitement. A chance to finally make friends, to no longer be alone, to be *warm.*

Dark meets Ice…
Azura is immediately drawn to the dark beauty with the scent of frosted apples, temptation wrapped in a perfect bow. Snow dreams of Azura’s touch and kiss, though feigns to only want friendship at the risk of losing her. Yet, something is lurking in the forest just out of sight, about to tear them apart…forever.

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