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Snow (Happily Never After #1) by H.P. Mallory – Free eBooks Download


Herrick, Reve, and Malvolo—dragon shifters who want the same woman, only the object of their affections isn’t just any woman—I’m Snow White.
My name is Neva, or ‘Snow White’, as patrons of the Wicked Lyre tavern know me.
There, I dance for the wealthy and lecherous.
Void of my memories, my life before the age of twelve is a mystery I don’t have time to solve, chained as I am to my cruel master.
Enter Herrick Vorst.
Herrick is the most handsome stranger I’ve ever seen.
He purchases a night with me but much to my own shock, doesn’t touch me. Instead, he asks me questions I can’t answer and reveals his belief that I’m capable of magic.
When I’m purchased by another stranger a few nights later, I learn this one wants my heart. To carve out.
Narrowly escaping certain death, Herrick comes to my rescue and brings me back to his cottage.
There, I meet his brothers, Reve and Malvolo.
Reve is currently stuck in the land of dreams, courtesy of a curse.
And Malvolo is surly, unfriendly and lets it be known he wants nothing to do with me or the man who’s hunting me.
Well, he might want something to do with my body…
With no other options, I’m forced to put my trust and hope into these three sinfully sexy brothers who hide a secret of their own…
Searching for answers to my past, the four of us embark on a journey into the shadowy world of magic and monsters, wars and treachery, and lustful desire.

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