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Smashing (Girls Trip: London #2) by Mimi Kinley – Free eBooks Download


London has always been my fashion muse and now that I’m here with my two best friends, I’m hoping to find a little inspiration for my own plus size fashion line. A line that will hopefully break me out of the soul-sucking everything-over-six-is-too-big company that currently employs me.
Fashion museums, shows, shopping, living like royalty—everything goes as planned until I walk into a pub to find a quiet place to sketch new ideas. Enter Brett Carter—the hottest former Premier League striker-turned-barman in London.
He’s delicious, irresistible, and as it turns out—nearly impossible to say no to. The second he kisses me though, I’m pretty sure I’ll never need that word again. Even when it comes to giving him my heart.

After a blown ACL took me out of the game I lived for, I’ve been floundering for years, running a pub that no one comes to, keeping my head down, avoiding taking chances that might set me back again.
That all goes out the window the moment Ava from Chicago walks into my pub. Suddenly life doesn’t look so bleak and the more time I spend with her, the more I’m addicted I become.
Ava makes me want to live life again with her by my side and I’ll do anything to make sure it happens. Even if it means moving halfway across the globe.

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