Small Town Strings by N.A. Jameson (ePUB)

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Small Town Strings by N.A. Jameson – Free eBooks Download


After her brother’s three best friends broke her heart, Willow Page Baxter left home in search of stardom. She quickly became a country superstar but finds her life lacking. Ten years later, she isn’t happy and is tired of her every move being controlled. Deciding to retire, Willow returns home for good with a plan for her future on her terms. Only one little problem, she has a stalker, and he’s followed her home.

Fisk, Milo, and Carter have loved Willow for as long as they can remember. The fact that she was their best friend’s little sister wasn’t an issue. They knew Willow was special and destined for greatness. They couldn’t stand in the way of that, so they told her that they didn’t want her. Ten years later, she’s home, and they’re claiming what’s theirs once and for all. Unfortunately, the stalker has already laid his own claim on her. Can they find him before he takes what’s theirs, or will they live to regret ever letting her go in the first place?

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