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Sleye (Holidate With an Alien #5) by Ava Ross – Free eBooks Download


I’m falling for an alien who’s forbidden. Does our interstellar love stand a chance?

The alien I’m crushing on has one destiny—to set up the computer tech division on the new colony before returning to his home planet. As for me, I’m supposed to make sure the aliens locked in stasis on the interstellar ship arrive on the planet ready to assume their duties. Then it’s a one-way back to Earth for me.
I’m not supposed to wake one of them up from his long winter’s nap.
I’m also not supposed to sneak Sleye out of the lab and whisk him off to the holiday party as my merry +1.
And I’m definitely not supposed to take him back to my cabin afterward and tuck him into my sugar plum bed.
Once word spreads through the cosmic grapevine about the heat growing between us, there will be caroling chaos for lightyears. You see, waking him from stasis early will cause an intergalactic incident. And our hookup puts me on the very naughty list.

The powers that be will terminate our love unless we can convince them that the magic between us will last for more than just a few holiday nights.

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