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My name is Chris Pohle… and I hate Christmas.
Which to my father, owner of the StoryBook Christmas Store franchise, is blasphemy. I should have known he was up to something when he claimed he needed me to fill in as Santa Claus at our flagship store this year. As soon as I arrived in the tiny town of Maple Grove, I wanted to pack up my Santa costume and catch the first sleigh out of there.
Then I met Avery, the manager of our flagship store. My very own Christmas elf. And it was love at first fight…
My name is Avery Pinkerton… and I love Christmas.
Love is an understatement. I eat, breathe, and live Christmas. At my Christmas shop, the hot chocolate flows like water, fresh baked cookies are always within arms reach, carols sing through the speakers, and Christmas is anything but a one-month affair.
So I shouldn’t be too thrown off my game when my boss’s son arrives to take over the role of Santa Claus. But Chris Pohle is nothing like Santa. To start with, he’s decades too young. His beard isn’t white as snow. His nose isn’t red as a cherry. And his belly… well, what belly?
I need to get my act together before I make the biggest, most unprofessional mistake ever–fall in love with my Grinch of a boss. Because when that Santa suit starts to come off and he’s standing beneath the mistletoe… well, stick a candy cane in me. I’m done.

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