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Sleepless Beauty (Tiaras and Treats #7) by Ember Flint – Free eBooks Download


A Protective Alpha & Curvy Girl Halloween Love-Conquers-All Romance

Seven years ago, 27-year-old Aurora Roses fell asleep dreaming of the day she would find true love after ending up being the only unattached guest at her building’s rooftop Halloween party. When she woke up next, there was fire everywhere, she was crushed against the solid wall-like chest of a burly handsome stranger, and staring into a pair of hazel eyes that seemed to hold all the answers.
He held her. Comforted her until she fell asleep again, safe and sound, and cherished.
That was the last time Aurora had any good sleep, and also the first and last time she saw him.
Staying in Connecticut after the tragedy of the fire was just too painful for her. She had to leave. For a while, she hoped they would find their way to each other, but it wasn’t to be.
Now an unturndownable job offer from an NGO back in Briarsville and yet another Halloween party might be conspiring to get her what she’s been too scared to wish for.

Seven years ago, 37-year-old battalion chief firefighter Phillip King held his one and only in his arms in the shape of a pocket-size curvy beauty. She was scared, she was distraught, and she tugged at every single one of his heartstrings until they all belonged to her. One evening with his princess could never be enough for him, but that’s all he got anyway. Now he’s a workaholic who would never leave the firehouse if it wasn’t for Kelly Days and he isn’t too happy to be dragged to a stupid costume party on the last day of October. He used to love the holiday and all its traditions, but Halloween has nothing sweet left for him. Nevertheless, if his brother needs a wingman, he’s going to go. As long as he’s not asked to double-date, that is.

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