Sleeping with her Highland Foe by Shona Thompson (ePUB)

sleeping highland foe, shona thompson

Sleeping with her Highland Foe by Shona Thompson – Free eBooks Download


Life is full of choices; each one hides a blessing and a trap…

Caitríona Kincaid is a woman on a mission to uncover the murderer of the McCallum Laird. This mission is her only chance to redeem herself from the sinister past that is hunting her.
While everything seems to be pointing out, who the killer might be, something is amiss. It seems too easy…
Ualan McCallum is a torn man. He has heard the whispers echoing through the corridors and the gossip behind his back. Not only did he lose his father and the woman he loved, but now, one by one, his people are silently blaming him. For them, he is a patricide.
His only solace in all this havoc is her, a beautiful maid that just arrived in the keep and seems to appear in the most peculiar places.
Caitríona must discover if Ualan is the murderer, or if the real culprit is hiding in the shadows. Should she follow her heart that is anxiously screaming for Ualan or let logic prevail and fulfil her mission?

She would deny the truth to be with him, he would accept all lies to have her…

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