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sleeping with beauty, nicole casey

Sleeping with Beauty (Seven Ways to Sin #2) by Nicole Casey – Free eBooks Download


My body might be allergic to the sun, but it sure isn’t allergic to the seven hot-as-sin men who have turned from friends into my lovers.

My illness prevents me from being out in the sun. Last time I ignored it, I nearly died, so when I announce that I’m going to Iceland to film a documentary about Sasha Snow, everyone thinks I’ve lost my marbles.
Luckily for me, my next-door neighbor and six of my brother’s best friends agree to sail across the ocean with me. Until now, I never viewed the men as anything other than my brother’s friends, but as I watch them work the sailboat, their muscles bunching, sweat glistening on their skin, my desire awakens. Suddenly, I wonder what it would be like to lie underneath them.
Apparently, my seven sailors harbor the same forbidden thoughts, because they confess that they are eager to share me.
How can I resist seven, well-built men with perfect abs, chiseled faces, and passionate lips? It’s impossible. Their touches and kisses make me feel like I’m in paradise.
But paradise is short-lived. As I attempt to film illegal business practices for my documentary, I’m exposed to the sun and fall into a coma. Like Sleeping Beauty, I must hope that one of my seven princes will awaken me.
Will the seven princes manage to bring Sleeping Beauty back to life?

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