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Sky Blue (Yosemite Park Rangers #2) by Cora Silver – Free eBooks Download


I never wanted to see him again. Yet, here he is.

Yosemite Park Ranger James Wharton is once again back in my life after that terrible night four years ago. He is still that perfect, arrogant, brilliant man I once loved – except maybe his muscles are bit bigger than I remember.
Even after all these years, he still makes my skin tingle with electricity and ache with unwanted memories.
I had come back to California after years away, desperate to find my muse once again after staring at blank canvases for months. I wanted that feeling of passion to paint until my soul could sing, but it was long gone and I was left with nothing but gray.
However seeing James again ignited that missing desire within me.
But after what happened, there is no way we could ever forgive each other. No way I could ever forgive him.
There is no such thing as second chances.
… Right?
CW: Discussions about a miscarriage and cheating (cheating does not occur between the main characters).

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