Size Queen by S.C. Adams (ePUB)

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Size Queen (Size Matters #3) by S.C. Adams – Free eBooks Download


Her curves are his property.

I’m a plus-size model. One who makes thousands of dollars smiling and displaying my curves for the camera. But when I get pregnant by notorious biker Damon Abrams, what do I do? I’m a total idiot and try to hide it as best I can.
Big mistake.

When Damon finds out, he’s more than enraged. He’s ready to tear it all down.
So what if he’s in the middle of a war with a rival gang? So what if it’s dangerous to be seen with him, and even more dangerous to be carrying his child?
Damon wants what’s his … and he’s going to claim me and the baby no matter what it takes.

Damon Abrams is the president of a notoriously dangerous biker club, but he wants his woman, and he’s going to get her. The lovely queen’s curves are just part of the attraction, and he’s going to make her even bigger … by putting his child in her belly!

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