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SIR (Mister West Duet #2) by R.J. Lewis – Free eBooks Download


Ivy: I have showed up to Aidan West’s door and he…doesn’t remember a thing.
My mission just got infinitely worse.
Any hope of spontaneous recovery fades away to nonexistence.
I have to do this the hard way.
I have been tasked to “bring Aidan back.”
But it’s not that easy.
West is a bossy asshole and I am the most hopeless assistant to ever grace this planet. I would know–he tells me. He also threatens to fire me every five seconds while simultaneously asking me to stop wearing those short skirts. I refuse to, of course.
I am not easy, he is not easy — we are a very dysfunctional couple, and while at times I want to cry, break down, walk away, sputter a curse and tell him to go f*ck himself, I know in my heart I must stay.
Because I can’t give up on Aidan. He is the love of my life.
He needs me, even if he doesn’t know it–remember it–yet.

The conclusion to the Mister West Duet.

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