Sins of Mine by Mary E. Twomey (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Sins of Mine (Sinfully Sacrified #3) by Mary E. Twomey – Free eBooks Download


Life was supposed to get easier, once Arlanna broke out of prison.

On top of figuring out how to house, clothe and feed five hundred escaped convicts, Arlanna must now find a way to barter for their freedom. There are some concessions she’s willing to give the king in exchange for their records to be expunged, but the one thing she’s withholding is the only thing the king demands.
Living with Paxton and Gray was supposed to be a dream come true, but when the world aims their critical stares at the three, Arlanna isn’t sure if they’ll want to continue on by her side.
The ancient magic coming back into play has its challenges, but when the king and the infamous Conan Valentine get their hands on more power than they should have, the delicate balance of the world starts to spin out of control. Arlanna knows that if she doesn’t intervene, it won’t just be her household on the brink of collapse…
…the entire world might go up in flames.

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